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All our bouquets come with a sachet containing nutrients, and our flower boxes come with a sponge impregnated with special compounds to guarantee the freshness and maximum durability of our products.

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    Flower shop in Madrid
    Flower delivery to your home

    Welcome to our online flower shop Provocateur Roses! We are your trusted team of expert florists, who make and craft all our orders. From our flower shop in Madrid, we offer same-day flower delivery in Madrid and within 24 hours throughout Spain.

    Since 2018 Provocateur Roses collaborates with a large selection of luxury brands.

    We customize spaces in hotels, restaurants and collaborate with major brands in their floral decorations.

    We create captivating visual experiences that perfectly complement the unique environment of each place, highlighting the elegance, design and quality of our flowers in their environments. Trust us to turn any space into an oasis of beauty and sophistication with our exceptional quality flowers.

    Personalized floral decoration

    We are specialists in floral decoration for celebrations and events, both for individuals and companies: parties, events, birthdays, baptisms... Contact us to advise you on the floral decoration of your project.