Fresh Roses Bouquet


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Bouquet of fresh roses

A bouquet is a bouquet of flowers made with a sense of floral art. It can be made with different types of flowers, herbs and branches. In Provocateur Roses we are specialists in bouquets of roses and we take its elaboration very seriously, looking for perfection. Depending on the color we choose, bouquets can be used to express love, grief for the loss of a loved one or to accompany a bride on her wedding day. If you are not sure what type of bouquet you want, you can always rely on our expert florists, who will be happy to advise you.

At Provocateur Roses, bouquets drive us crazy. The fresh roses bouquet is one of the most classic and seductive presentations, which enhances the beauty of our flowers.

Our expert florists braid the stems in a spiral to achieve a rounded and homogeneous crown, where each rose rests on the others. The long stems are held on the ground in perfect balance, proving that our bouquets are made to perfection.

An elegant and eye-catching gift that will never go out of style, and that demonstrates the quality of our florists. Available from a dozen roses to the most daring with 100 roses.

Top quality roses

At Provocateur Roses we only work with top quality roses. The Ecuadorian variety of this flower stands out for its fragrance, size, color and durability. We control the production and distribution chain of the roses so that they reach your hands directly without going through intermediaries, thus guaranteeing maximum freshness. With an adequate care of your fresh roses you will achieve that they last up to 10 days in perfect conditions.

Do you want a complete gift?

Add a 100% recycled glass vase with an elegant and simple style to highlight the beauty of our roses.

How will your roses arrive?

You will receive your bouquet in a 100% recycled cardboard box, where you can find a dedication and a bag of nutrients that you can add to the vase of your choice. If you choose a vase, it will be deposited inside the box to offer maximum comfort to our customers.

Care Recommendations for Your Industry

In Provocateur Roses we like that you can enjoy to the maximum the beauty of our roses. For it, we have placed in the order an envelope that you will have to pour in the water where you will place our roses to assure a greater durability. We recommend that after a few days you cut the stems from 2 to 5 cm to facilitate the absorption of water and nutrients. We also recommend changing the water in the vase or container to avoid the formation of dirt and bacteria.

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Rojo, Blanco, Amarillo, Rosa, Deep purple, Arcoíris, Azul


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Fresh Roses Bouquet

Fresh Roses Bouquet