What to give in a birth?

We have a variety of pleasant products, beautiful aromatic and full of feelings, capable of transmitting very positive sensations to those who receive it.

Many people believe that sending flowers for a birth is a gift only for the mother, but the truth is that it is an important link between the three, mother, father and newborn. It is true that it is more directed at her and all the efforts she has made both during the months of pregnancy and during childbirth to bring her child into the world.a

Caja 12 Rosas + Peluche Niña

Box of roses with a girl’s teddy bear

Caja 12 Rosas + Peluche Niño

Box of roses with a child’s teddy bear

Ramo Silvestre Niña

Baby girl bouquet

Ramo Silvestre Niño

Baby boy bouquet

Globo Niño

Balloon: “It´s a boy”

Globo Niña

Balloon: “It’s a girl”

Peluche osito

Plush for birth
From 8€