At Provocateur Roses we follow the latest trends in the floral market, working with a wide variety of flowers and specialising in Roses. We guarantee freshness and quality thanks to the personal control that we maintain from the pruning of the roses on the farms to the final destination of our clients.

¨Using nature as a source to convey your feelings. ¨

In Provocateur Roses we transmit through our floral arrangements the feelings of our clients, treating each one of our flowers in a special way.

¨Present a bit of nature with Provocateur Roses¨

The Greeks and Romans offered roses to their gods. Since ancient Greece, where Aphrodite was the creator of these little treasures of nature, the rose has always been an outstanding flower for its excellence and beauty. That is why Provocateur Roses has decided to focus on the wonderful world of roses.


Delicacy in each of its petals, perfection in its stem and life in its leaves.


Each of them hides a different history, meaning and provenance.
Then, after a long dedication to understanding each of the roses, we would like to share it with our rose lovers:
We treat each of our roses in a special way and that is why they deserve a name and an explanation of each of them:

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According to Greek mythology, this Goddess of beauty and love was born from the foam of the sea. Her beauty and purity made white roses grow everywhere she passed. In Provocateur Roses our rose Aphrodite with origin symbolizes purity and devotion.




Son of Aphrodite, being the God of love and creator of this jewel characterized by its sensuality we call our rose with Ecuadorian origins CupidoVoluptuous a and sensual, the rose Cupido with shades of intense red, passion in its petals and sensuality as a whole, transmits love and affection.



As a symbol of the impossible within mythology, the Poseidon rose with intense blue marine tones conveys mystery as does its interesting way of achieving its color that begins with rigorous work on the fibers of the stem. Intense and mysterious Poseidon makes the difference with its bluish tones and vivid petals.



Messenger of the gods, prominent in the area of business, full of strength and character as our rose Hermes. Characterized by its intense orange color and ochre sparkles is the best bet for important occasions.

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Goddess of family, children and marriage. Like her own Goddess, our Hera rose, with its set of violet, magenta and purple colors that merge to create a pink crown in the center in a natural way, will be the best detail for family celebrations, weddings and feminine details.



God of the sun, energetic as our rose where each of the petals reflects the powerful yellow color symbolizing optimism, joy and friendship. It is the perfect representation for situations of reunion and details for the man representing to perfection Apollo, God of the masculine beauty.